Kemikaliebeständighet: Tål utspädda syror & alkalier. Ljudreduktion: God. Brandklass: Provad enligt SS ISO 3795. 26/09/2007 


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Road vehicles, and tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry - Determination of burning behaviour of interior materials Brandklass: Provad enligt SS ISO 3795 2.7 mm 1.5 mm 3 mm. 321 Perfrae Trellebr Sla kliar SVNSKDANSK katal N201401SDK r 01012014 Färg Tjocklek mm Längd m Bredd mm Vikt in ISO 3795-1991 should have a burning rate not exceeding 75 mm/min. Internal VOLVO criteria states that the material tested in accordance with the procedure specified in ISO 3795-1991 should have a burning rate not exceeding 80 mm/min. Assessment The tested samples, of the product called "Elmonordic", meet the technical fire requirements An evaluation of ISO 3795 was made.

Iso 3795

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This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition (IS0 3795 : 1976), the scope of which has been extended to include tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry. ISO 3795, FMVSS 302, DIN 75200 Flammability Testing Equipment/Horizontal Flammability Tester. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping.

Ocean klarar följande brandkrav: FMVSS 302 (bil); ISO 3795 (bil); SS-EN 1021-1&2 (möbel); IMO Res.A.652(16) (båt); Brinnhastighet: <100 mm/min. Certifierad 

Road vehicles, and tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry — Determination of burning behaviour of interior  Burning behaviour, ISO 3795 <100 mm/min. All technical data set out above are for product information purposes only and not legally binding, and will cease to  ISO 3795:1989 - Specifies a method for determining the horizontal burning rate of materials used in the occupant compartment of vehicles, after exposure to a  Total weight (DIN ISO 2286/2 1998). Polyester + PVC. Composition. Fabric DIN ISO 2075 • DIN ISO 2060.

Iso 3795

15 Feb 2013 If our product is used in a car, we are tier 3, are we responsible for meeting FMVSS 302 or ISO 3795 standards? Am I able to wash my hands of 

Iso 3795

Bredd 1,4m Tjocklek 3mm Vid köp av hel rulle om 25  Standarder. • ASTM D5132 • SAE J369 • JIS D1201 • ISO 3795 • GM9070P • GMW 3232 • MVSS 302 • JIS K 6400. Funktioner.

Iso 3795

Натяжной храповый механизм   ČSN ISO 3795 (300577). Silniční vozidla, traktory, zemědělské a lesnické stroje. Stanovení hořlavosti materiálů použitých v interiéru vozidla. ČSN ISO 3795  In the case of flammability, this requirement will be deemed to be met if, in accordance with the procedure specified in ISO standard 3795:1989, samples of the  Flammability ASTM D635, ISO 3795. The flammability test is used to determine the relative rate of burning of self-supporting plastics.
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FLAMMSpridande EGENSKAPER FRÅN PROV HJÄLPA FRÅN HORIZONTALA POSITIONER TS 6346: 1989. LEKSÄKERHET: DEL 2 coffees and restaurants /200 000 Martindale/. Its surface finish reminds of leather surface. It is fire-proof (BS 5852, BS 7176“1995, UNI ISO 3795, M2, etc.)  Av skumplast.

Technical parameters The gas source of the test flame is coal gas or liquefied petroleum gas (it is recommended to select gas with better gas quality if possible); ISO 3795 FMVSS 302 DIN 75200 Flammability Chamber for interior material. Test S tandard.
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RAPTOR has passed flammability testing for motor vehicles according to the test methods FMVSS 302, ISO 3795 & BS AU 169A. Features & Benefits.

Brinnhastighet: <100 mm/minut. IMO Res.A.652(16) (båt).

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Brandskyddsklass: FMVSS / ISO 3795 Självantändningspunkt: 340°C Avfallskod: 170604 Produkt garanti: 10 år på produkten, ej på installationen. Storlekar: Plattor och list i valfri storlek och tjocklek. Densitet: 195kg/m³ - 320kg/m³ I Svensk Emballageteknik AB Åkervägen 15

Technical description: This Buring testing machine is suitable for the automobile interior material horizontal combustion characteristic this machine combustion box is made of stainless steel, the appearance is … It was found that ISO 3795 is not a suitable method to test interior materials in military vehicles and its use has led to a low level of fire safety of interior materials in military vehicles. Online Browsing Platform (OBP) powered by ISO ® 4) No tests peformed due to lack of material.