The Move Tutor is an NPC residing on Two Island in the Sevii Islands who can teach your Pokemon moves that they've already forgotten or not picked from previous levels. The cost of relearning moves from the Move Tutor is free, however you can only relearn moves that the current evolution your Pokemon is has already been able to learn from levelling up. Next to the Move Tutor, however, is the


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Pokemon pearl move reminder

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2017-11-20 · Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon: where to find the move reminder and move deleter tutors By Alex Donaldson 20 November 2017 16:50 GMT Delete and remember moves with ease with these two vital NPCs.

However unlike the move tutors in Emerald & FRLG, these tutors are learnable multiple times, but there are certain conditions. First, there are only 4 attacks being taught by the Move Tutors.

Pokemon pearl move reminder

Pokemon X/Y: Move Tutor (Move Reminder) Location - YouTube. Location of the Move Reminder in Pokemon X/Y.

Pokemon pearl move reminder

Yes, he is in Fallarbor Town and he will teach one move in the Current Evolution's natural Level-up Movepool for one Heart Scale. Since Leech Seed is a 'Level 0' Move for Breloom, it can relearn it. User Info: RaikouTGC. RaikouTGC (Expert) - 9 years ago 6 1. Print this arceus911 posted: . Jun 22nd 2007, ID#1159 How to use the move modifier.

Pokemon pearl move reminder

A Move Reminder (Japanese: 技思い出し Move Reminder, also わざおしえマニア Move-Teaching Maniac ), The move deleter can be found in the house just south of the Canalave City Pokemon Center. MOVE REMEMBERER. The move maniac can be found in the house by the water in Pastoria City. He will teach a move that your Pokemon will have learnt at an earlier level if you give him a Heart Scale. While these tutors can teach their move more than once to a particular Pokemon, a necessary requirement is that your Pokemon must be above a certain happiness quota. 1 decade ago The Move Deleter is in the house below the Pokemon Mart in Canalave City and The Move Teacher is in a house with a man by a pond out side it in Pastoria City. Source (s): I beat the For Pokemon Pearl Version on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "where is the move relearner?".
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2007-05-26 · In Canalave city you'll stumble on a flow deleter there, he's contained in the abode above or less than (surely a form of) the PokeMart. To relearn your strikes you elect to flow to Pastoria city then flow northeast of the Pokemart and there you'll stumble on a house enter it and also you may re learn a flow yet you elect to stumble on a coronary heart scale that could in basic terms be got

Can now be used for free. There used to be a 10,000 Pokédollar fee for each individual move re-learned from the Move Relearner. For instance, teaching 4 moves would A Move Reminder, sometimes called a move relearner by fans, is a character who allows Pokémon to relearn any move that they were able to learn from a previous level-up (usually in exchange for a Heart Scale).

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A Move Reminder (Japanese: 技思い出し Move Reminder, also わざおしえ マニア Move- 

I've received an Eevee and he was lvl 20, I gave him the Thunder Stone and when he evolved he didn't know A SINGLE ELECTRIC TYPE MOVE!